Pre-Natal Care

Initial OB Visit-What To Expect
As soon as you think you are pregnant, call us to schedule your first visit which typically will be for a serum pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy. If you have no issues or early complications, your first visit with your primary OB provider will be scheduled around 8 weeks after your last menstrual period. Plan to be at our office for about one hour for this appointment.  If you have any questions prior to your visit, or if you are unable to keep your appointment, please call our office at (336) 273-2835 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Frequency of Visits for Obstetrical Care
Your visits will be monthly up to 28 weeks, and then every two weeks up to 35-36 weeks, after which, your visits to our office will be weekly. If you have chosen a physician for your obstetrical care, we will try to schedule all of your appointments with your primary physician. Depending on circumstances, your physician may ask you to rotate with one or more of their partners for a follow-up visit. If you choose a midwife for your obstetrical care, you will be asked to rotate with each of them throughout your pregnancy.

Prenatal Vitamins
If you are not already on prenatal vitamins, the lab will provide you with samples to try. You may want to try a round of each of them to see which one works best for you. When you come in for your prenatal care plan visit, you can get a prescription. If you run out of your sample prenatal vitamins before your first visit, you may call (336) 273-2835 and request a prescription.

Tests for Obstetric Patients
The following tests are recommended by the physicians in this practice. Although not all insurance carriers will cover these charges, we feel they are necessary to screen for potential prenatal problems. It may be necessary to send some of these tests to a reference lab, and their fees may differ. Please contact the reference labs directly if you receive their statement. Note: Some insurance carriers consider these as non-covered services in which case, you are responsible for the payment. Please familiarize yourself with your insurance benefits.

Prenatal Screen
Blood tests to check blood type and exposure and immunity to the same infectious diseases. This will be done on your first visit. The practice also recommends that all pregnant women be tested for Hepatitis B. NC State law requires that you are tested for HIV and Syphilis.

One-hour Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)
The GTT is a blood screening test for diabetes during pregnancy. This test is usually given routinely at 28 weeks or earlier if you had diabetes in previous pregnancies.

Maternal Serum Alpha Feto Protein/Beta HCG (AFP)
This test screens for risk of open neural tube defects, Spina Bifida and Down’s Syndrome in the fetus. If this blood test is abnormal, further testing is suggested.

Screening Ultrasound (Comprehensive)
Ultrasound is done routinely at 18-20 weeks gestational age as a physical assessment of the baby’s anatomy. Specifically looking at the heart, bladder, kidneys, and extremities and to confirm due date. Our practice policy prohibits videotaping during ultrasound, and only 2 other adults are allowed in the room with the patient.

Pre-Natal Care