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Prescription Refills

Prescriptions are refilled only during office hours. That way we will have your medical record available to make certain that a refill is the best course of treatment.

If you have an existing prescription and need it refilled, always call your pharmacy first. Most pharmacies have automated lines so you can call at your convenience. If you are out of refills, they will contact us.

Most pharmacies have automated lines that will call or send you a text message when your prescription is ready. Make sure to ask them how you will be notified. There is no need to call our office for any refills with the exception of certain classes of drugs that we are not allowed to e-Prescribe.

If you are coming to the office for an appointment and need medication refilled, be sure to let your provider know before you leave the office. In most cases, the prescription will be at the pharmacy the same day. If you do forget to tell your provider while you are here, call your pharmacy, and they will handle it for you.

If your prescription was filled at one pharmacy but you now want it filled at another, you do not need to call us. Simply call the pharmacy of your choice, and they will call the pharmacy where it was originally filled and have it transfered. They are happy to do this for you.

Prescriptions cannot be refilled during evenings, weekends, or holidays because the physician on duty will not have immediate access to your records. Please allow 48 hours for refill requests. We follow this routine in order to handle your request for prescription refills as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Lab Results Reporting

Most normal laboratory results are generally published to the patient portal or sent through the mail. Abnormal labs will always be called, or in some cases, you may receive a letter.

Not all labs are able to generate results quickly, but those that do must have your provider review the labs and come up with a plan of care before you can be notified. Calling on the phone will not speed up this process.

While we do a number of lab tests in-house, those that have to be sent to an outside reference lab generally take longer. Certain tests, such as HPV typing from a pap smear, can take up to three weeks for results to be ready. We notify you when we have the results of all your lab tests, and your provider has reviewed and signed off on them.

If you have normal lab results that come back quickly and other labs that take longer, we will wait until all results are back before contacting you. Your provider needs to see all of the results before determining your plan of care.

Things can happen, so if you have not received any communication from us within four weeks, by all means send us a message through the portal or give us a call. If you have been advised that your results require timely follow-up and you have not heard from us, please call.


Referrals to another provider can take time depending on the type of referral and where you are being referred. Due to the high volume of outside referrals, it may take up to a week or two to hear from our referral coordinator, unless it is of an urgent nature. She will assess your referral need based on the information from your provider, contact the appropriate outside provider, and fax any pertinent records for your appointment. You will either hear from our referral coordinator, or from the provider's office that will be seeing you.