Have an Emergency?

Have an Obstetric or Gynecological Emergency?

After-hours or weekend calls are for emergencies only. If you have an obstetrical emergency, call 911 or proceed to the Women's and Children's Center located at 1121 N Church St., entrance C. The Women's and Children's Center does not handle urgent or emergent gynecological issues unless you think you have an ectopic pregnancy. The emergency room handles all gynecological issues after hours. They will assess you and call us if necessary. If you need to speak to our on-call provider for an urgent issue or if you are in labor, call (336) 273-2835 to be connected to our answering service for further assistance. Please be aware that we do not diagnose and treat over the phone, and we cannot refill medications after hours. Note that we reserve the right to bill $25 for non-urgent calls.