COVID-19 Around the Office

Click on the links for the most up to date information from the CDC Coronavirus Disease 2019 and the NC Department of Health and Human Services NC DHHS COVID-19.

At Wendover OB-GYN, protecting our staff and patients are of the upmost importance. Please note - ONLY the PATIENT is allowed in the office, unless you need a translator or assistance with mobility, this includes infants and children. UPDATE - Spouses or partners are now allowed to accompany the patient to their anatomy scan (comprehensive ultrasound) that is scheduled between 18 and 20 weeks. You must come together, and no substitutions are allowed.

Everyone will be asked to check-in using your own mobile device (save time and complete your pre check when it's sent to you). You will be required to answer questions to help us identify if you may have been exposed to the virus or may currently exhibit symptoms of the virus. PLEASE answer questions truthfully. We do not do coronavirus testing in our office, so please do not come for an appointment or walk in if you are ill and have any of the symptoms of COVID-19.

All patients must wear a mask or other nose and mouth covering in the office.  The CDC offers guidance on how to select, wear, and clean your mask.

Most of all, please don't believe everything you read or hear unless it is from trusted sources. The CDC is providing updated information and is a trusted resource for the pandemic. Be smart about where you go (avoid large crowds) and what you do (enjoy the relatively nice weather and get outside, if possible, where you can distance yourself from other people). Don't ignore illness symptoms as you will likely put others at risk due to exposure. Treat others the same as you would treat your family in this respect. The best prevention is to wash your hands frequently and throughly (20 seconds) with soap and warm water, wear a mask over your NOSE and mouth, and wait 6 feet apart. Avoid close contact with those not in your household.